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Music At Work

The Best Types of Music to Listen to at Work

Music can help get your creative juices flowing and can help escape your noisy office. Now, you might be thinking… if I am trying to escape the noisy office, how could music help? Won’t that distract me even more? It could but in most cases it helps people get through their stressful workday. 

Here are some music genres that can help you focus:


Classical music can help with increasing productivity and focus. It is a background noise that can help reduce stress and can actually help you relax. Classical music leads to people becoming calm, so if you are having a stressful day, throw some classical music on and just listen.  

Nature/White Noise

If music is too distracting, try some nature sounds. If you are a beach lover, try listening to some sounds of waves crashing. Rainfall is another big one that helps people block out the noise and reduces stress. However, I wouldn’t lean towards the bird or animal sounds… it could become distracting. You could find yourself sitting there trying to listen to the different bird sounds. 

Pump Up 

This kind of music can make us feel like we are in control. Pump Up music will make you want to get as much done as possible because you feel like you are in control of your life. You are the boss of your life, get in control by listening to this type of music to keep you motivated at work.  


Similar to classical music, this can help reduce stress. There aren’t any lyrics that could potentially be distracting. If you have a task that requires a lot of concentration, then this is the music for you. It will help you zone in on the task and will get rid of the background noise.  

Your Own Playlist 

In the JPE office, we love to listen to country music. Since we have the option to stand at our desk, most of the time if we are standing we are moving our feet to the music. By using your own music, it could also help you by making the day seem to go by quicker.You need to experiment and see what works for you. Maybe it’s not classical or instrumental, try putting your own touch on some different playlists.   


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