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A certain degree of stress is inevitable in one’s daily life. With work, family obligations, bills, etc., all factoring into an individual’s week, stress can feel insurmountable. However, it is…

5 Tips to Reduce Daily Stress


A certain degree of stress is inevitable in one’s daily life. With work, family obligations, bills, etc., all factoring into an individual’s week, stress can feel insurmountable. However, it is extremely unhealthy to succumb to these stressful situations. In order to avoid falling into this vicious cycle, we have provided five tips below on how you can reduce stress significantly in your daily life.



Not all of us wake up in the morning and feel like running a mile, or climbing up the stair-master. The good news is, exercising doesn’t have to be strenuous! First, make a fun workout playlist with all of your feel-good tunes. Remember to keep the jams upbeat and pumping! Whatever turns your mood around, at it to that list; services such as Pandora or Spotify can be great candidates for discovering more workout music. Now that your playlist is complete, find a spot you feel comfortable exercising in. Whether it be your neighborhood, your local gym, your basement–whatever! The point is, you want to be where you’re emotionally comfortable. From this point, what you choose to get yourself moving is up to you. Maybe you like walking your dogs, power-walking on the treadmill, or dancing by yourself in your home. If it gets you moving, it’s helping you destress!


Buy a Journal

Sometimes when we’re stressed, we can feel as though our thoughts are prohibiting us from moving forward. I mean, when you are trying to juggle everything internally, it can really put you in a mental hole. However, with a journal or notepad, your thoughts don’t have to stay inside! Jot those annoying thoughts down on paper and let the pages be your therapist. Think of yourself as spilling, or venting, all of your feelings to another individual–except this person doesn’t give unwanted feedback or pass judgement. By writing down your feelings, you’ll know exactly what is bothering you, rather than concocting situations up that you don’t care about, but you think you do. As the old saying goes, “know thyself”… or in this case, know thy stress.


Purchase Candles

This may seem quirky, but lighting candles can actually help reduce your stress. It’s not so much the act of lighting it, but rather the smells that appeal to your senses. Many people have heard of aromatherapy, but little consider how helpful it can be to alleviate stress! Try to purchase relaxing candles, rather than harsh flowery scents. Some soothing scents to consider buying are lavender, mint, rose and orange blossom. Although there are a ton of lists out there of scents that would be worth smelling, these four remain a favorite of ours at JP Enterprises, LLC. Overall, aromatherapy can help aid more sound-sleep and reduce anxiety. Make sure to check out scents that target and fix specific physical ailments!


Laugh it Out

Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard that laughter is the best medicine. But, how true is this statement? Well, it’s extremely accurate! It’s no surprise that this saying has stood the test of time as studies are always being completed on the importance of laughter in people’s lives. Many results find that those who laugh more with others tend to live longer lives, as well as experience less stress. It might sound silly, but how do you make yourself laugh a lot? Well, the first step is to analyze what you like. Do you have a favorite sitcom that makes you giggle? Maybe, a friend who always has you in stitches? Do you enjoy seeing live stand-up comedy? Whatever tickles your fancy, make it happen and get laughing! It could mean a long happy life…


Get a Pet

Pets, we love them. Many pet owners consider their animals as additional family members, or even their fur-babies! Here at JP Enterprises, LLC, we recognize the daily importance of pets in our lives. Our lovely four-legged assistants, Molly and Dakota, bring us smiles and lots of love. For, what’s better when you’re experiencing stress than a wet nose poking you, forcing you to take a mental break? By throwing around toys, taking your pet for a walk and petting your animals, you’ll feel more waves of affection, rather than anxiety. It’s no wonder that people who have to live alone for some time decide to purchase pets–it helps them maintain companionship! Pet owners often report lower levels of stress than non-pet owners; this fact is worth taking into consideration when thinking of how you can better manage the stress in your life.


Do you already do any of these tips? Comment below with your best methods of relieving stress in your daily routine!









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