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It’s a new year, which means it’s time for you to take your business to the next level on social media. With over 2.8 billion people utilizing social media, the…

How to Step Up Your Business’s Social Media Content

It’s a new year, which means it’s time for you to take your business to the next level on social media. With over 2.8 billion people utilizing social media, the old-fashion business model of print advertising can no longer stand alone. Now, consumers are expecting your brand to be at the tip of their fingers, ready to be viewed and (if you’re lucky) shared digitally. So, no more shirking off the responsibility of making yourself accessible on social media—a new digital business era is here!


Step 1: Instagram’s “Story” Feature

It’s no surprise that Instagram took the basis of Snapchat’s platform and re-mastered it to their own liking. With Snapchat garnering the most daily usage and engagement of any social media platform, one could say they are “killing the social media game.” But, now that Instagram has started using the story feature, many influencers are flocking to the app to market themselves. For example, an effective way that your business could gain attention through Instagram’s story is posting videos of the office, or daily happenings. Consumers now more than ever want to connect with companies, so let them in! Trying to market your construction business? Show them what a day on the jobsite might look like, or link to one of your website’s blog posts, that discusses an interesting concept about construction. The best part of Instagram’s story feature is that you can use others’ stories as inspiration for yours. Where maybe your brand, or business, doesn’t need to use fun stickers or pink fonts, it can stand make an impact in its own style. The point is, don’t ignore the effective linking and posting capabilities that the Instagram story feature offers!


Step 2: Facebook Live

This day and age, everybody is watching videos. Rather than viewing stagnant pictures, consumers want comedic, eye-catching, or downright entertaining videos. The reason people are drawn to videos is the ability to react instantly and share with whomever they want. You might ask yourself, “but I’m a business, not an entertainer?” Have no fear! Using social media outlets such as Facebook Live can be an easy way to reach, or build, your audience. For, if your business gets into the weekly habit of posting Facebook Live videos, you will automatically reach more people. Your audience will have the ability to keep in touch with your business, as well as share your content with others. Also, the “live” feature promotes more of a humanistic viewpoint, rather than a cardboard-cutout advertisement. So, next time an event or seminar is happening at work, maybe bring the phone along—it could increase your reach in minutes!


Step 3: Snapchat

Remember how I said that Snapchat was killing the social media game? Well, that’s why you should incorporate them into your social media plan too! Boasting great numbers of daily users and active engagement, Snapchat allows brands and businesses to interact with audiences in an assortment of ways. Perhaps, the biggest way Snapchat helps in marketing is their “discover page” which advertises blog articles that are currently trending. Although the articles are always a bit fluffy, they still are reaching a wide array of people. An easy way to land on this page would be to create a compelling and relevant blog story that connects with readers. When a user clicks on the picture of your story, they will be shown a pre-post, usual a “teasing” of what the article might say. This is your in! Make sure to have a compelling lead that will persuade readers to click on the linking arrow to your article. If all this sounds a bit overwhelming, that’s okay. A much simpler start would be to make your business a Snapchat account and start posting daily office videos. Make them zany, cool or outright random! Whatever you feel will garner the most attention while promoting your business positively, go right ahead.


Step 4: Facebook Videos

Finally, if the thought of posting “live” or sharing “stories” scares you, you can always rely on traditional video-making. Although the general feel of pre-made videos is more artificial than live postings, they still reach many audiences and can be shared easily. Some tips to keep in mind when making static Facebook videos is to take a previous blog article and share some of the key topics from it. For example, if you’re writing a DIY article for bathroom restoration, don’t share the entire article but maybe a couple quick fixes that viewers can do. By allowing some room for exploration, audiences can click to your website and read the remaining article. If you give all of the material away in the video, there will be nothing left to view! You want to make a video that quickly engages a viewer, teaches or entertains them and links back to your business somehow. It may sound like a lot, but just picture what you do with standard advertising posts—just in video form.


Let this year be your time for successful social media coverage.

Comment below if any of these tips helped your business, or if you have any advice to share with others!


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