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It’s 7AM and you’re on your way to work. Coffee in hand, freshly-ironed shirt on, you’re unstoppable. This is, until, you are stopped by a long line of traffic. Somehow the next few…

5 Ideas for Healthier Living


It’s 7AM and you’re on your way to work. Coffee in hand, freshly-ironed shirt on, you’re unstoppable. This is, until, you are stopped by a long line of traffic. Somehow the next few hours go from an “I”m ready” attitude to “Is this day over yet?” By noon, your coffee has been spilled twice (of course, on your crisp shirt), you have a new project with a super-tight deadline and your cousin needs you to watch her two dogs this weekend (there goes binge-watching Netflix). Yep, we’ve all been here. However, just because you feel like you’re in a bit of a rut emotionally, doesn’t mean that you have to stay there.


Here are five ways to get yourself back on track to healthier and more purposeful living!


Make Goals

Okay, it’s sorta self-explanatory; however, the biggest factor in making goals is allowing them to be achievable. I mean, everyone wishes they had more money or wants to lose thirty pounds in two weeks–but, neither of these goals are healthy. Go back to the aforementioned story of coffee and babysitting dogs, what goals could possibly help this situation? Or prevent it from happening next time? Some goals for this scenario might be to stop saying “yes” all the time to your cousin, or waking up earlier to avoid morning traffic. Goals like these can easily be worked towards, even if they don’t happen in a day. But, it’s better to make these small changes rather than categorize all of your work days as emotionally undoable.


Take Time to Think

Some people would argue that too much thinking can lead to obsessing. While it is good to clear your thoughts and engage in activities such as meditation, it can be extremely healthy to spend some time reflecting. For example, in a stressful situation we process many varying emotions. Think back to a time where your stress led you to tears, but then made you angry? Or maybe it didn’t even affect you at first, but later your mood switched? When our emotions swing like this, it can leave us drained and mentally exhausted. However, with personal reflection during journaling, walks, painting, etc., these emotions no longer have to be held in. By giving yourself time later to think back to a stressful situation, you can understand better ways of dealing with future similar scenarios. The important thing to remember that it’s okay to have deep thoughts and thinking sessions; thoughts are only problematic when you let them control you.


Give Yourself a Hug

I know, how in the world would you actually hug yourself? Well, maybe don’t do exactly this, but think of it as instruction for self-love. For, as they say, who will love you if you can’t love yourself? For example, so what if you ate poorly all last week? So what if you made a decision that you feel could have been slightly better? The fact of the matter is that we’re all humans who make poor choices. If you get angry with yourself over every decision you make, you’re going to live an unhappy life. Tell yourself today that you’ll start working towards improving some of your negative habits and behavior, but don’t reprimand yourself if your day doesn’t go exactly as planned.


Find a Hobby

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but your job should not become your entire life. Heck, you don’t even have to like your job–it’s okay! But, in order to live a healthier life, you need to find a better work-life balance. Maybe after putting in all of that work from 9-5, you come home and continue knitting that blanket you’re working on. Have a goal to look great for the beach in the summer? Make some time after work to hit up the gym! You were the superstar soccer player back in high school? Join a community sports team! Whatever floats your boat, go do it. One of the quickest ways that people fall into unhealthy habits is by letting their work life control their entire life. Don’t be that person who always starts their sentences with “I’m just too busy” or “Maybe when I’m done this project.” Remember to live a little and do what you love!


Open Yourself to Change

Ultimately, in order to renew your happiness and start living healthier, you have to open yourself up to change. Face it; change is inevitable. If something is causing you extreme stress in your life, maybe it’s time to give up whatever it may be. Decisions like this, such as quitting a job or leaving a negative friend behind, can be extremely difficult and emotional. However, know that you’re life will not improve until you allow change to happen.



How do you keep your life on a healthy track? Drop us a comment below and join in the discussion!


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