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Marketing Trends from 2017 to Carry into 2018

2018 Digital Trends

2018 Digital Trends

It’s important for marketers to pay attention to the ever-changing digital media trends in order to keep their product on the forefront of consumers’ minds. This year, new trends have emerged that might help marketers to stay ahead of the digital media changes.

According to Think With Google (thinkwithgoogle.com), this year more industries than ever before are turning to digital media to aid them in their day-to-day business operations. For example, car dealerships are seeing more and more people shopping for cars online, and travel agencies are noticing consumers booking trips through digital assistants.

Another trend that’s become more popular in recent years and only continued to grow in 2017 is digital advertising and influencer marketing. Influencer marketing has grown so much that influencers are now just as likely to drive sales as celebrities. When it comes to digital advertising, more and more companies are using YouTube to promote their digital ads and paying to promote ads on Facebook and other social media sites. According to YouTube, paid YouTube mobile advertising is 84% more likely to receive viewers’ attention than TV advertising.

Lastly, consumers are becoming more and more impatient when it comes to searching for information and using mobile devices. According to Think With Google, 53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load.

With these trends newly surfacing and continuing to grow, marketers need to be paying attention to digital media now more than ever before. These are all trends that marketers can capitalize on and use to their advantage in the new year. Bring on 2018!


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