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As humans, we tend to go along with whatever seems right in our lives, oftentimes ignoring that it’s the completely wrong choice to be making. Depending on the circumstance, the…

5 Things that Could Be Hurting Your Business and Life

As humans, we tend to go along with whatever seems right in our lives, oftentimes ignoring that it’s the completely wrong choice to be making. Depending on the circumstance, the decisions you could be making could directly impact your business success, as well as your mental health. However, these decisions can be easily reversed with some help spotting them. Here are the scenarios in life where you should be saying “no, thank you” and not “sure, why not.”


Bad Relationships

When one thinks of a toxic relationship, immediately their mind jets to romantic encounters; however, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the business partners, friendships, and co-workers we mingle with are not always the best people to be giving attention to. The trick to deciding if a relationship belongs in your life is to take a step back and analyze how interacting with them leaves you feeling. Do they require a lot of your time and effort, or seem to be easy to converse with? Do they leave you feeling drained, or energized? These are the sort of questions that you need to be mulling over within in your mind when deciding who stays and who goes. Ultimately, cutting a negative relationship from your life can give you back the mental clarity you need, as well as making you feel empowered.


The Past

It can be extremely easy to fall back into problems you might have had at previous times in your life. Whether family, relationship, or whatever else related, it can be hard to let go of hardships. If you find that parts of your life still haunt your everyday and affect your overall mood, it’s time to work on cutting these pieces out. To start, try speaking to a professional on aspects of your life that are hindering you the most. Next, try to find positive hobbies or activities to enjoy for yourself and only yourself. This means, don’t do what you feel like others would expect you to do, do something that you’ve always desired to try. Whether it be yoga, boxing, crocheting, crafting, etc.—just go and do it! To have a peaceful present, you must conquer your turbulent past.


Bad Habits

Ever tell someone that you know it’s a bad habit, but you can’t help it? Although we’re all guilty of the occasional ice cream-binge or fingernail bite, it’s imperative to make sure bad habits aren’t ruining your daily happiness. For example, if you find yourself eating unhealthy foods, try to make a couple changes in your life. Maybe you can try cutting out soda altogether, or perhaps, just drinking more water. If you’re bad habit is watching too much television, or engaging too long on social media, try working in more outdoor time or other activities. For true happiness, it’s important to not let bad habits overpower you.

A Job that You Hate

A coworker of mine once gave me a powerful work mantra to live by, “It’s not what’s on the right side of your paycheck, but the left. Money will always make you happy, but if the company on the left side doesn’t elicit a similar feeling, you’re in the wrong workplace.” This insight is definitely one that individuals in our society need to hear more often. Think about it, how many times do people complain about their job and blame it for the unhappiness in their life? Quite often! But why is it then that these individuals spend so long at these jobs? Oftentimes, the person believes their situation to completely depend upon their occupation, when it doesn’t. Money will always be available at jobs and people will never have enough to suit themselves. When an individual looks past the pay and focuses more on themselves, real change will occur. So, don’t be that guy who complains always about his job. Or, that girl who swears she’ll quit every week, but doesn’t. The next time you get your paycheck, remember this!


Scenarios that Harm You

Finally, do not enter scenarios that you know you cannot handle mentally, physically, financially, etc. It may sound like common sense, but so many times we are eager to please others that we purposely place stress on ourselves. If your workplace is asking too much of you, inform them. If the problem persists, or you cannot work it out with your employer, do yourself a favor and seek opportunities elsewhere. If financials are tight, do not push yourself to please another individual and make yourself borderline broke. Stressful scenarios are not worth it and they are easy to avoid. The problem is, we overlook the feeling we have in our gut and say yes “okay” anyway. We are people pleasers and will do anything to maintain others’ viewpoints of ourselves. Remember, it doesn’t matter what others say or do, it matters that your body and mind are thriving at their highest potential.


Like these tips? Have you practiced them in your own life? Leave a comment below on how you have cut out hurtful scenarios from your life!


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