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The Pups on Your Payroll: What Dog Personality are You at Work?


When running a business, it can be easy to get caught up in the everyday craziness and be unprepared for life-changing events. However, like everything, life moves forward and problems will arise. This is why it’s of the upmost importance that a business has a well-balanced staff of multiple personalities. One business owner, Bella Vasta, refers to her booming business as a collection of multiple dog personalities working together. This is how she keeps her business flowing, even when obstacles arise. So, the question is, what dog personality are you and your team?

The Border Collie: Border collies are intelligent, attentive and always willing to serve. They have super focus and can run a Frisbee back to you smoothly. Not that border collies aren’t loving and playful, it’s just they tend to be more obedient. The border collie are the people who keep everything running smoothly in the business and has all of the necessary backups plans in place. The bordie collies have all the systems that keep customers automatically involved (email responses, newsletters, payment systems) in tune. They provide the buffer that keeps a major obstacle from exploding.

The Jack Russell Terrier: Your jack russell terrier of the team knows how to connect with clients and knows where your brand’s advertising is needed the most. They have charisma, optimism and aren’t afraid to entertain a group of people. The jack russel terrier within your workplace is going to be your marketing, promotions, event, or public relations person. It’s their job to continually be connecting your company to the local community and always be networking.

The Pit Bull: Unfortunately, pit bulls most commonly get the rapport of being an overly aggressive, vicious breed of dog. However, pit bulls are quite the opposite when given the right care and direction. The pit bulls within your workplace are those individuals who will protect your company when the going gets tough. Primarily, they are your legal or insurance team. It’s of the upmost importance that your company has these sort employees to always have your back. Although some companies choose to forgo a legal or insurance team, it’s vital for a team to have connections with those who do have these professions. You don’t want to be left in a problematic scenario without a pit bull having your team’s back.

The Poodle: Finally, we have the pristine poodle. The poodle of your workplace team is the individual who always pays attention to detail and has a handle on the business’s accounts. Oftentimes, the poodle is an accountant, or bookkeeper. These employees are valuable in the way that they catch the minor details before they become major and always know what’s going on within the company.


Whether you find yourself identifying with the highly-focused border collie or the protective, loyal pit bull, it’s important to know that a mixture of these types are essential to any work team. Without a healthy balance of personalities, characteristics and job professions, your business is going to endure some “ruff” scenarios.

(As a side note, Jess from JPrutzman Enterprises, LLC feels that she is the jack russel breed. She loves to make valuable connections and help business’s find outlets for promotions and advertisements.)



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